A Quick SEO Checklist to get your site ready for 2021

A Quick SEO Checklist to get your site ready for 2021

If you want to go through you’re whole website, preparing your SEO for 2021 and make sure that it’s fully ready to go all the way to number one on Google but you can’t be bothered reading? Then just watch the video from SemRush below who will show you the key areas in just ten minutes. You’ve gotta love Youtube!

Don’t forget also the check out how you can find out everything your competitor is doing with our handy guide.

Full SEO checklist: https://www.semrush.com/blog/seo-chec…

It’s extremely important for your success to ensure you are getting to the first page of Google, as the first entry gets roughly 80% of the click through with the rest following off rapidly. Therefore you need to ensure that your SEO is ready for Google in 2021. Now is the time to get this right as you’ve got some time to allow for Google to rank you up over time.

The problem with your Google ranking is that it can take months to improve and therefore starting early and doing everything right is incredibly important. Throughout the next few weeks we’re going to be creating a new flurry of posts which will all be around getting your website to number 1 on Google without the jargon. We want to show you that you don’t need to pay someone to do this. You can simply do it yourself, saving valuable money and with Semrush you will also be able to track your progress in real time. This will avoid you throwing work out the window.