Basics of SEO: What are the simple steps anyone can take

Basics of SEO

In recent posts we’ve started explaining in simple terms what is SEO and why it is important and how you can get ahead by using the SemRush tool. However today we want to dive in even deeper into the basics of SEO so that you can begin today on working on improving your ranking on Google without technical help or paying anyone.


This is a really simple step that you can take to give yourself an edge over your competitors. All this is, is making sure, that your content is easily read by any body who comes to your website. Spell check the content, keep sentences to less than 20 words and use a passive voice.

The reason that this is important is that Google’s crawler is now so incredibly advanced that it will now take into account your writing. It will ensure that you’re using correct English and down vote your website for spelling mistakes.

Use this link to search through all of the different readability improvements that you can make and get started on the Basics of SEO.


Technical Basics

This is where it gets a little more confusing but if you use the green light system of the Yoast Plugin for WordPress on each of your pages and posts, it will become simple. Just aim for green.

This will check some simple things such as, the correct amount of keywords being used in your page. That the title is correct. More technically you also need to ensure that you’ve added a Meta Description, you’ll find this at the bottom of the page. A Meta title and a correct type of link to the page. Yoast will show you the correct length and content for each of these.

Mobile Focus

Another key thing that you will need to do to ensure that you have the best chance of reaching the coveted number one spot on Google is mobile. What I mean by this is make sure that you pull your website up on your mobile phone and make sure that every thing looks just as good on a phone, as it does on your laptop.

Nowadays over 60% of your website traffic is likely to come from purely mobile phones. This means that Google now checks this meticulously and will subtract points from your score if it doesn’t work correctly on mobile.


A really simple way to get ahead of the competition in terms of Google ranking, is to localize your content. In simple terms if you are a butcher in Tucson, then make all of your content mention Tucson. This will mean that Google will promote your content ahead of others who are promoting to everyone in the USA.

It also means your likely to show up in other searches for the Tucson area in general and will increase your reach and therefore your traffic.