How to know which keywords to target for your business


Now that you’ve followed along our basic guide on how to improve your SEO. The Jargon free SEO Guide. It’s time to start thinking about which keywords are most likely to catch your customers in the act of the search.

When it comes to looking for the right keywords to target, you’ve got a few options.

Check a Competitor

The simplest way to get started if you’re only beginning your Google Search Journey is to look at your most successful competitor. Head over to SemRush (FREE 7 DAY TRIAL ON US) and put their domain name into the keyword tracking tool.

This will give you a list of all the keywords that they use and how successful each is. Then you can simply search those keywords among your target location. This will allow you to find a keyword for example “Best Butcher in Dallas” and then simply change the Dallas to Dayton, Ohio.

Finally you need to check the amount of traffic that goes to this keyword for your target market. This is essential because getting to number 1 on Google with your chosen keyword will be a concerted effort. It could also be one that could consume the next 6-8 months of your life.

So whatever the keyword and location, ensure that 1-3% conversion rate of the traffic available is worth the effort and wait.

Search Intent

The follow up to this if you’ve already been through the above is to start thinking like your customer. You want to ask yourself the questions you get asked in your business all of the time. Think of the questions that your current customers ask over and over.

Alternatively, if you haven’t yet started the business that you want to start, you can consider the questions that you would ask if you walked into a competitors store.

Once you have these questions picked out and written down. It’s time to see if they line up with what everyone else is asking. Simply head over to Answer the Public, enter your target question, then see what everyone else is asking in the related industry.

Cross Check

Once you’ve done point two and got your final list of questions, head back over to SemRush (FREE 7 DAY TRIAL ON US) and enter the “search intent” or question as the keyword. Then repeat the first step.

It’s as simple as that, the hard part now, is going back to our Jargon free SEO Guide and implement the changes to your website.