Keyword & Topic Research: Writing the Right Content

Keyword & Topic Research

Now that you’ve done the Basics of your SEO it is time to look at how you can expand your content. This sounds easy but for a lot of people this is where they find it difficult. What should you write about. Worse than that, most people just write without doing any keyword and topic research.

The issue with this is that you could write the best articles and blogs in the world but if they aren’t what your specific audience is looking for then you are wasting a lot of time completely.

Answer the Questions

One of the easiest ways to find topics to write about is to ensure that you are checking what questions people are asking. As part of your keyword and topic research, head over to Answer the Public first of all. Type in your niche or industry, such as “butcher” and it will show you hundreds of the most asked questions online.

Then you can simply take some of the highest ranked questions and answer them specific to your audience or location. This is an amazing way to get started writing content. It will also help you rank higher on “search intent” which is when someone asks a “how to” or “what is” question, Google will look for pages that answer this question specifically.

Find Competitors Keywords

The next easiest way to search for things to write about is to head over to the FREE SemRush tool and enter your competitor or a business in the same industry with success’s domain name. Then go to keywords and it will tell you all of the highest traffic keywords and topics that they have. This means you can then look at their content and make an improved version of that in a simple effort to rank even higher. You can also take this content and localize it to your location to target more local customers.