Organic Google Traffic: Is it still worth the work?

organic google searches

In the year of 2020 and looking forward to 2021 a lot of people are asking the question of whether it is still worth working on gaining organic google traffic. The reasons is that most people are now under the assumption that they are better served focusing on a paid strategy. Given the growth of social media, this is very understandable.

It also makes sense that to ask because the level of work involved in getting to number one on Google is substantial. If I were to be more accurate. It isn’t a lot of work, it just takes time. So is it worth it. I would suggest that a quick way to answer the question for you personally is head over to the free Semrush tool and check out what your competitor is doing, following this guide. You can see what they are doing. If it’s nothing, then read on because I think you’ll be interested.

I want to try and focus this toward a smaller business who has a localized market because competing with big brands is a near impossible task these days. However if you think about your local market in terms of organic Google traffic, it becomes an easier question to answer.

Think of your Local Area

It is true that most local businesses are focused on Facebook pages, spending money on ads to reach their local market. This works but it works more like outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is a kin to an old fashion leaflet drop for example. This means you are also hitting people in the area who are not at all interested in your product or service. Thus you’re getting a lot of wasted marketing expense from this tactic.


Now think about a Google search, it is very much inbound. In the real world, with your local business, a Google search is like someone in your area asking a friend or someone on the street, where is the best butcher. Then they land in your butcher shop. They are much more likely to buy.

This is why Google ads are so effective, however they are also likely to show for users searching for other stuff which means you’ll still waste a percentage of this income.

The Importance of Number 1 on Google for Organic Search Traffic

Thus as you can see from above, getting to number 1 on Google for your search time means that you’ll be getting free traffic. If you ensure you’re targeting the right traffic, for example “Butcher Shop [your town]”, you’re only getting people specifically ready to buy from you.

This is why it is still so important because when a customer is ready to buy something and they go online, they are more likely still to search that term on Google, in their Chrome browser or on their phone. Whereas paid ads are still a scatter shot.

If you want to get started now, check out Semrush, or read our full Jargon Free Guide here.