Search Engine Crawlers: What are they and why they are important

search engine crawlers

In a recent post we covered SEO and what it is, but we got a lot of questions about search engine crawlers, so we’ve since added a section to that post. However we wanted to make it even easier for people to find out more by splitting it off into this separate post.

What is a Crawler?

Each of these search engines use what is known as a search engine crawler. This is a piece of software which goes around the web, through links, like a spider in a web…get it? Basically when it lands on your website, it then looks inside each link and grabs all of the information it needs. If there is a link to another page or another website on the internet, it also follows that. It then sends all of this information back to the search engine to be indexed.


Where does SEO come in?

Now that you now how the search engines get their information, using search engine crawlers, the next thing that us SEO experts understand is how the crawlers work. These crawlers look for very specific information and if you’re website doesn’t have the information it needs, then it won’t add your site to the index correctly or it will down rank your website. Thus by implementing the correct SEO data to each web page, you are making the crawler’s job easy.

This then in turn ensures that you will rank higher than other websites which incorrectly setup their page and you will appear above them, gaining even more traffic.