SEO for the Future: Getting the Edge for 2021

SEO for the Future

In our last few posts we have spoken about simple SEO tactics for getting yourself in shape. We’ve also spoken about how you can use SemRush to ensure that you’re using your competitions data to your advantage. However now we want to discuss how you can get ahead of everyone by using these SEO for the future tactics. The latest ways that Google will ensure that you have got better content than the rest of the pack. They are also, incredibly simple.

Social Media

One increasing factor as to what makes Google assume that you have authority on a topic in a location is it’s social media reach. The main thing to consider with this SEO of the future tactic is that you can improve this in one of two ways.

The first is to grow your own social media presence so that more people are engaging and sharing your content, which means that there will be more links from social media directing to your content.

The second, which gives us the main takeaway from the first, is that it’s not important that you have a big presence. The key is the amount of social media profiles linking back to your content. Therefore if you can simply encourage your users to share content from your website to their own social media feeds, you will also get the same uptick.


The other way to completely destroy the competition is Video. In 2020, 80% of all internet usage worldwide was video streaming. This means that Google is taking a very close look at video constantly and given they have their own massive platform, YouTube, this makes even more sense for them.

How does this help you? Now on Google if you search for something and a video matches this content, the video will show in the first result. We’ve found that searchers are almost twice as likely to click and watch the video if there is one than they are to click a usual result.

This means you can get light years ahead of your competition by simply creating a video version of your content, uploading it to YouTube, embedding it in your post and linking to your post in the description of your video.