SEO Tools to get to Number 1 on Google

SEO Tools

Now that we’ve already spoke about why getting to Number 1 on Google is still incredibly important for anyone looking to grow their online business, we now need to look at the next step. When it comes to increasing your visibility towards your target market you will need some important SEO tools to get your there.

We will be going through what to do with each of these tools later on but for now we’ll just tell you what the tools are and what they do exactly.

SemRush SEO Tool

The first is to find out where you stand right now in terms or your SEO and check your competitor and where they stand. There are, being honest, lot’s of completely free tools online. Now for what you need the Semrush Free Trial is by far the most advanced and if you just get what you need in the first 7 days, you don’t need to pay for it.


Now I will admit, we are a little biased. However the other free tools come no where near close to the level of detail that this tool will give you on where you currently stand. More importantly it will show you exactly what your competitor’s strategy is to give you some key insights.

Answer the Public

The second will help you search for the questions people are asking around your keywords. One of the best free SEO tools out there to check this is Answer the Public. This tool is key for finding out what is known as “Search Intent.” We’ll cover this topic more later but to put it simply. Search intent is that people will search “Where is the best butcher in [local area]” but just “best butcher [area]” in general. Thus it is important to focus on this.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Lastly a tool to implement these changes on your website without any technical knowledge, just plain English. The best tool for this is Yoast which is a free plugin for WordPress. Given that 80% or more of all websites online now use WordPress, it is the one we will be covering on this website in the coming weeks.

Let us know your questions in the comments, but keep an eye on the site as we offer more and more guidance on jargon free Google Ranking advice.