Social Media Strategy: How to Take Control of It

Social Media Strategy: How to Take Control of It

When it comes to your content and advert strategy it’s extremely likely that your Social Media Strategy is part of this, in this day and age it needs to be if you want to get anywhere with this strategy. It is the only way you can keep up and hopefully get ahead of your competition.

Management Can be a Nightmare

So when it comes to our social media strategy, we have so many websites and software strategies underneath the NZTFortyEight that it became overwhelming for us to have one tool for our content calendar, another for our social media accounts to line up all of our content and then access to all of them for running our ads. It was getting to a point where we were going to hire someone just to manage all of these. However we then checked a tool that we were already using for our SEO and auditing our sites to improve them for Google, Semrush, as it turns out they have an integrated tool.

What did we change?

So for 30 days as an experiment we moved all of our Social planning and social paid advertising management to Semrush and the results were simple and clear. The person who was managing one of our websites (or usually 6 at once, sorry Tim), who was already using Semrush to write content and check everything for it’s SEO score during the day, could now just directly post in the same tool to all of our channels. So they could write, check SEO and post at the same time.

They could then also boost posts and manage our paid ads, all within Semrush.

The results

The results were crazy, simply by moving to Semrush to manage this, we didn’t need to worry about streamlining and having one person look after our social, instead we could allow our content creators to then directly schedule their new content to our social channels. Even better was that we stopped having other people reply to comments, the person who writes the content is now able to reply to comments which has caused our engagement to go up.

An Added Bonus

One of the best things that has happened since we implemented this change, is better tracking of our competitors as this is something Semrush does really well. Now we could track what posts our competitors are making along with their engagement so that in realtime the management team and I could assess areas we were killing it and areas where we needed to improve.

Have you tried this Semrush tool? Give us feedback in the comments.