Tracking Progress with your SEO

Tracking Your Progress with SEO

Now that you’ve implemented the Basics of your SEO and you’ve implemented some of the future of SEO strategies. It is now time to sit back and wait. The issue with SEO compared to any other type of marketing that you can implement is that you will never get instant results but you can get into tracking your progress with your SEO easily.

The amount of time before you see results can be anything from days to even six months depending on how competitive your area is and also the amount of content with which Google has to work with. I would even suggest aiming for having thirty pieces of content before you even begin to track your progress.


Once you are in a position where you want to track content there are two different tools you can use to do this and I would suggest that you use both.

The first is Google Search Console, which is an ideal tool because it will show you the data from Google directly which will help you see the growth in your search traffic. This is one of the best ways to start tracking your progress with SEO It will also give you an idea of what they are clicking and what they are looking for that you are underperforming in.

The second tool to use is the SemRush tool. This will give you a lot of the same data as above but with two key difference. The first is that it will drill down on all of the data and give you suggestions in plain English so that you can continue to improve. In my opinion the more important factor is that SemRush will also compare your progress to competitors and show you where they are winning in comparison which gives you an instant way to improve and beat your competition.

Best of luck with your SEO progress and let us know your questions in the comments!