Reveal your competitors traffic: stop trying to invent and copy results

Reveal your competitors traffic: stop trying to invent and copy results

On my first day in university, a long time ago, my favourite lecturer for software development told us “the best line of code is the one you didn’t have to write yourself,” he would continue one to tell us that this is because you don’t want to waste time rewriting something that is working perfectly, you want to get to that baseline so that you can take the next leap above it. Why not simply reveal your competitors traffic.

This for me has been the same when it comes to business, and I know for a fact it’s the way a lot of other businesses operate. Have you ever noticed that you’ll see a Burger King and McDonalds on the same street, almost side by side. I used to think this was a silly idea, surely they should go somewhere else to have less competition, however the reason Burger King moved in after McDonalds (or vice versa) is they saw the amount of business being done and knew that they could take a slice of the pie, without doing all the hard graft and guessing about the location.

You should be doing exactly the same when it comes to your business. If you’re only starting out, then you should look at someone else who is in the exact same industry and location, find out where their traffic is coming from and then reverse engineer it, once you’re on a level playing field then the fun begins.

The Tool to do it Easily

Luckily in this modern age in which we live, most business interactions for a lot of us, take place on the “interwebs” and as such, I can just put my competitors domain name in the field on the widget above and SemRush will give you all of their information FOR FREE if you just sign up for their free trial and get all the information you need.

Organic Research

The first area I would suggest copying your competition is on their organic strategy, this means checking their non-paid work, such as blog posts, social posts etc and then taking the same idea but improving upon it. If they are promoting the “Top 5 cuts of Beef” you do a post around the “Top 10” and use SemRush to find out which keywords they are targeting and ensure that your posts have a higher score on Google SEO ranking.

Then go paid

Once you’ve maxed out all you can ensuring that your organic strategy is better than theirs, then you’re next step is to use SemRush to check what their paid ads look like and what traffic it is generating and to where, the beauty of this is that you can then figure out which of their ads are working, then double down on similar ones to those.

Always Remember

You’re competition shouldn’t get annoyed at this strategy, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

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