Improve Your Visibility Score: Why is it important and how can you improve it?

Improve Your Visibility Score: Why is it important and how can you improve it?

When it comes to growing your business it’s important to get traffic, without traffic you won’t be able to get conversions, so one of the most important pieces of strategy that you will hear digital marketers speak about is how to improve your Visibility Score and today we’re going to take you through what this is, why it is so important and how you can improve yours.

Given this is Learn SemRush our how to piece will involve using the Semrush tool and you can pick up a free trial of the software on us here.

What is a visibility score?

Your website’s visibility score is a ranking of how well a specific keyword is performing within Google results, the score goes from 0-100% and the higher it is, the more likely you are to get clicks as your website is showing up higher within the Google search result around that keyword.

As you go further down on Google’s results you visibility score decreases. A 100% score for a keyword means that you show up as the number one result for searches around that keyword.

You can also see in this article how you can search your competitors current score, to help improve your visibility by copying these techniques.

As an example, take this explaination:

“Let’s say there are 2 sites ranked in the top 100 for 2 keywords. The positions of the keywords for the first site are at the 1 and 100 positions and the second site has both keywords at the 50th position. The average positions of each site would be 50.

However, the visibility of the first site would be much higher than the second site because it has the leading position for one of the keywords. At the same time, the average position for both remains at 50.

This is why comparing the visibility, as opposed to the position, for these two sites reflects a more accurate representation of their keyword state.

The more visibility you have, the more chances you have to bring new visitors to your website. Therefore, visibility % in Position Tracking is a good metric to use when measuring the success of an SEO or PPC campaign.”

Why is it important?

As you can probably understand from the above, the visibility score is important because the higher the score is then the more visible your url is when someone searches for the specific keyword your targeting then the higher you are in those results.

If you are the number one result on Google, the CTR for a search is around 34%, this drops to 9.2% by result 4 and after result 10, it might as well be nothing. This means that targeting a keyword hard and raising your visibility score is of the utmost importance in order to gain massive amounts of organic traffic.

How can I improve my Visibility Score?

The following are what you need to do when focusing on a keyword to ensure that it grows as quickly and as aggressively as possible. All of these can be improved using the Semrush free trial.

  • Perform a detailed audit including keyword research and on-site content analysis.
  • Complete an in-depth on-page technical SEO audit and optimize page titles, meta descriptions, header tags and image alt tags. Clean up internal linking and navigation and develop new copy for category and product pages on a monthly basis.
  • Execute off page efforts including link profile analysis of healthy and toxic external links and fix broken or toxic links. Give 301 redirect recommendations for 404 pages.
  • Create branded content marketing pieces including infographics and articles to increase authoritative links back to the website and boost engagement through social media.
  • Build out new landing pages with content that targets industry keywords that the company wasn’t currently targeting.
  • Increase the hierarchy of the pages that were targeting some of their high volume search terms.
  • Eliminate unnecessary subfolders, allowing more authority to fall to the pages that specifically targeted relevant keywords.
  • Optimize the architecture of the site through internal linking and on-site navigation to improve crawl-ability and enhance user experience.

You will find information on all of these on Semrush but we will also be adding detailed guides on each of these in the coming weeks, so do consider signing up to our newsletter below to be notified and we’ll also be linking them to each bullet point as we add them.

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