WordPress SEO: The Easiest Way to Optimize

WordPress SEO

As of December 2019, of all of the websites in the world, 35.2% of them were built on the WordPress platform. When it comes to small business it seems that this market share of the WordPress platform is even higher. As you try to grow your online presence making sure your WordPress site’s SEO is up to scratch is key to ensuring you get results from Google Searches.

Today we’re going to run you through the absolute simplest two steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting the most from your content. This will involve two main steps which our two pieces of free software will help you with. If you have no idea what SEO is, then it might be worth checking out our Jargon free guide before continuing reading this post.

I’m going to break this down into two separate sections, the first being if you have not yet built your website or currently have no content on the website to SEO. In terms of content I mean a blog, articles, videos, etc. If you’ve already got this content written then you can skip straight to the next step about how to SEO your current website’s content.

Ensuring Your Site Has the Right Content

The issue with this is that you could write the best articles and blogs in the world but if they aren’t what your specific audience is looking for then you are wasting a lot of time completely.

Answer the Questions

One of the easiest ways to find topics to write about is to ensure that you are checking what questions people are asking. As part of your keyword and topic research, head over to Answer the Public first of all. Type in your niche or industry, such as “butcher” and it will show you hundreds of the most asked questions online.

Then you can simply take some of the highest ranked questions and answer them specific to your audience or location. This is an amazing way to get started writing content. It will also help you rank higher on “search intent” which is when someone asks a “how to” or “what is” question, Google will look for pages that answer this question specifically.

Find Competitors Keywords

The next easiest way to search for things to write about is to head over to the FREE SemRush tool and enter your competitor or a business in the same industry with success’s domain name. Then go to keywords and it will tell you all of the highest traffic keywords and topics that they have. This means you can then look at their content and make an improved version of that in a simple effort to rank even higher. You can also take this content and localize it to your location to target more local customers.

The reason that Google still looks at incoming links is a simple one, it is an easy way for them to understand where you stand as an authority on your topic. Take for example my car website Motorheaded., we’ve got backlinks coming from some of the larger car websites and this means that our content must be good enough for the websites that are authorities on cars, which means that Google can also be confident in the content.

If you can give guest posts or get your content shared by the big boys it will drag you up in the Google rankings over all within your niche.

SEO Your Current Content

If you didn’t do the above step, then I still would suggest first you find out where you stand right now in terms or your SEO and check your competitor and where they stand. There are, being honest, lot’s of completely free tools online. Now for what you need the Semrush Free Trial is by far the most advanced and if you just get what you need in the first 7 days, you don’t need to pay for it.

Now that you’re website has a bulk of content has been added to the website, our first step to go through each page and post on your website, ensuring that the content has a good SEO score. To do this you need to install the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Installing it is easy and you will find a simple guide at this link.

Once it is installed simply navigate to Edit Post or Edit Page within the WordPress Dashboard or by going to page itself and then clicking the Edit Page or Edit Post button at the top of the page.

In the page, look at the right top corner of your page and you will see a Y for Yoast with two colored dots beside it. These two dots show your Readability Score and Searchability Score for the page or post you are viewing. If you click this icon and then scroll down the right had bar, you will then see instructions for both of these lights and the task is simple, edit enough of these issues out of your content until both lights go green.

If your searchability light is grey then you need to add the focus keyword for your content. If you aren’t sure which focus keyword to use, head over to SemRush and enter the link to your page and it will give you the best keyword to use.

The Next Step is to then go to the Yoast settings on the right hand side and go to the Search Appearence tab. In This you can make sure that every single page including tags, categories and so on have a meta title and description so that nothing is left blank.

Finally, you want to follow this guide to setup the search console, adding the sitemap that you will find in Yoast settings. Once this is done you will be able to check the Google Search Console every 24 hours to view what progress is happening to your website.

Our Advice is to only adjust once a month if you don’t feel it is growing fast enough because Google will not update your results on a daily basis unless you are a news website like CNN or The Verge.