Write Content that works for you and will drive organic traffic from Google

Write Content that works for you and will drive organic traffic from Google

In this article it is our goal to teach you how to write content which will allow you to grow your ranking for Google.

Over the next few weeks we will be creating a full package of content around using the SemRush tool to ensure that you learn from your competitors to gain the upper hand and use every single advantage you can. These have been put together and are also featured on nztfortyeight.com

Google Can Make You Money

When it comes to your marketing strategy a lot of people put all their energy into paid advertising which is great but you also need to look at your long term strategy by looking at content that your audience will love and therefor will turn into conversions and free traffic down the road. The reason you need to plan this well is that it can take 6-12 months to start seeing the fruits of your labour in this department. Be sure also to look at our post about how you can write content to mimic your competitors content.

The advantage though is, if you start creating content now and publishing every week consistently, making sure that the content is optimized for Google (known as SEO) then you will be able to get continuous FREE traffic to your website to convert for years to come.

So today we want to run you through a few things you need to ensure you do when writing your content to make it as effective as possible, of course given this is LearnSemrush.com, we will tell you how to do these using SemRush, which you can get the free version of here.

Choosing a Topic

One of the most important things you can do is finding out which topic to write about, if you head over to SemRush and on the left hand side menu go to the drop down at the top and change it to “Content Marketing Toolkit” and in here you can put in your topic ideas, being as specific as possible, so that they’re system can give you ideas for topics within that Niche that generate popular but not completely over saturated topics.

So as you can see here I’ve chosen “Nico Hulkenberg” because I’m an F1 fan and it’s relevant news for one of my sites, you can now clock on the items in the center map and it will give you different headlines and questions that people are searching for around your topic that you could target. This will help you drill down into a more specific idea within your niche topic.

Writing a Solid Title

This is really simple if you pick your topic using the free SemRush tool, because once you narrow down your topic, just put that topic in the same place as above, click the closest result on the map in the center and then to the right you’ll see a list of possible headlines that you should use for your article. If you are answering a question, then use one from the question section below that.

Choosing a title that resonates is really important because not only will this help you get up the ranks on Google but think about this with common sense, if you saw that as a result on Google would you click it or not?

Checking your article and fixing it

Now that you’ve got your topic, grab a coffee and then hit up a first draft of your article, make sure it reads well and that it’s something that you would read if you found it hypothetically in the future. Well done, you’re half way there.

The Next Step is within SemRush go back to the left hand menu and select the SEO writing assistant, then copy and paste in your content into the editor. On the right hand side add who or what topic that you are trying to target and then hit Get Recommendations. This will then allow go through your content and let you know what to change within the text that you’ve written.

You’re Done

Then you’re done, you can publish this to your website and completely forget about it. Our next post will be around how to manage your social media in such a simple way you won’t be able to not get it perfect!