YouTube for SEO is key going into 2021

YouTube for SEO

When it comes to growing your SEO scores going into 2021 it has become key to start using YouTube for 2021. Today I’m going to discuss why and the simplest way to integrate YouTube easily into your strategy starting today without any experience.

We’ve already given our simple, jargon free guide, on how to get to Number One on Google and in this guide we mentioned video. Over 80% of all internet traffic in 2020 was video and now that our teenagers have an attention span of roughly 9seconds (for comparison a goldfish is 15 seconds) video is something that Google is betting on massively.

Before I get into this, if you’re looking for how to get your videos to number one on YouTube itself, this is not what we are discussing today. I am discussing leveraging YouTube to get your website further up on Google itself. If you are interested in just getting your YouTube videos up in rankings then I would suggest this great video.

Why is YouTube important for SEO?

The first obvious reason is that YouTube is a Google platform so they are going to prioritize their own videos over any other videos on the web. They have also now merged the results of the two. Basically if you search for a keyword and there is a video for that keyword it will also be listed on the first page of the results.

The second reason is that Google still works with Backlinks however it’s system has gotten a lot smarter these days. They now don’t simply rank based on the number of backlinks, instead they rank based on the importance of the backlink. This includes the number of views and/or subscribers belonging to your YouTube video. So if you can grow even a mediocre video audience on your YouTube channel then your video will help boost your Google ranking significantly.

The Simplest way to Integrate YouTube

When it comes to integrating YouTube you don’t need to go all out and build a Studio or even film yourself. If you want to do this but on the massive budget I would suggest getting these two items and then following this guide.

However the simplest way to get started is to simply create your written content first and then either use Windows Movie Maker after recording yourself, or just screen record you showing people through your content, in a how to format with a simple voice over.

Once you’ve created this really simple video add it to YouTube, with the same title as your blog post. Add a description which will be the first paragraph of your content. Then add the full link to your blog post in the bottom of the YouTube description. Finally don’t forget to add hashtags.

Completing the Loop

Finally to ensure you get the full blast of YouTube for your SEO then be sure to embed your video into your blog post with the heading “Don’t like to Read? Watch Instead” which will loop the two together and also will help with the bounce rate on your website when it comes to keeping the audience engaged.

I have done this on my Together We Cam website and it has been an incredible way to get my site into the top ranks on my chosen keywords and also has helped with engagement in a big way.